Young and Old


Sometimes life
Can have a grip
On those around us
Young and old

Some will see their path begin
At start of day and winter’s end
Others with a whispered laugh
May choose to follow unknown’s path

Years will make us wonder why
That things we love can sometimes die
From hearts of those who make us empty
In the times we need them plenty

I feel that a child’s content
Is based on some things we control
But often ignored once they’re told
That is why I say to those
Who carry love’s heart in their soul

When time gives way to lesser knowns
And thoughts that follow now are bones
Remember those who have before
Entered light and crossed the door
For no longer are we afraid
To find true love in this new way

Don’t forget a childhood’s dream
Is often happy and not mean
Despite their effort or lack there-of
They start their path with winter’s love

It’s after this of which is told
With lovers’ passion
Young and old
Can many people live to tell
That life is heaven with no hell

On A Night Like This


Underneath this starry sky
A silver moon
Joins clouds up high
So you and I
Can reminisce
On how we loved
And how we kissed
On a night like this

I hold your hands
So close to me
And whisper softly
In your ear
The kind of words
You’d want
To hear
When you’re
In love
On a night like this

Then suddenly
Across the sky
A shooting star
Caught both our eyes
As we locked lips
Like lovers do
When our wish
Has just come true
On a night like this

Capture That Moment


Capture that moment you’ll never forget
And save it for later when least to expect

It’s filled with a message that’s brilliant and smart
And given to those with exceptional heart

Use it for strength if you need that the most
Or feel free to give it to somebody else

It unlocks the doors to things you will see
Divine in their nature and given for free

So much is gained from those who we loved
And given by those who are up above

Remember that moment you’ll never forget
And save it for later when least to expect

The love in the message is meant to be found
Throughout your whole life and times you are down

It gives you a strength and fills up your soul
And helps you accomplish all of your goals

Carry that key so close to your heart
And never you’ll be a lifetime apart

So much is gained from those who we loved
And given by those who are up above

Coming About


I tacked my sailing ship
Out upon the seas
The day that the ocean
Brought me to my knees

I stared up at the skies
High and up of above
And thanked God for the gift
To see and feel his love

I finally had the courage
To see beyond the waves
And cross this deep blue ocean
By giving him his praise

Life may be a journey
That I take on as my own
But never will I sail
Through the waves alone

God will make his presence
When I begin to wander
Like a lighthouse on a cliff
Shining light upon the water

I’ll now go sail my ship
Across this deep blue ocean
With a courage, strength, and love
And a great devotion



My mind, body, and soul
Are all mine
All of which
Are intertwined

I gave them away
So people could say
What I gave up
Was not thrown away

I held on to
What I thought to be true
And struggled within
The world that I knew

I feared of the things
That I couldn’t see
And relied on myself
To let me be free

I longed for a love
I was capable of
And a life intertwined
That I could call mine

(Inspired by the thoughts of a kind friend)

What’s Good

It’s the cheers from the crowd
That make it a game
Or a play that stands out
That gives you a name

It’s the lessons learned
From those that care
That make you strong
And want to share

It’s the smiles and laughter
From a friend
That will keep you happy
Till the end

It’s the feeling you get
From a hug and a kiss
That down the road
You know you’ll miss

It’s the sound and lyrics
From a song
That stay with you
When days are long

And as I go through each new day
All that’s bad I throw away

And as I go on living like I do
I’ll save what’s good to give to you



Dark and broken was the glass
I looked through when I saw my past
Selfish, restless, wanting more
Of what I’d lost each time before

I tried so hard to abstain from
Cravings that I disdained of
Yet, subtle with it’s ugly grip
Addiction knows when I will slip

Exploiting my own poker face
By wielding lies I can’t erase
Hidden was the road I took
Outside this window that I looked

For I had come to realize
That my own self was now disguised
By lines and creases on my face
Of memories I can’t replace

Reflections of my past are gloom
But hope and faith filled up this room
Bounded by the same desire
To quench a thirst and rest a fire

Rendering my soul to find
Regrets are best if left behind
So I can see a future’s past
That’s filled with hope
And meant to last