I started writing poetry about 15 years ago, but only came up with a couple poems at that time. 10 years later I picked it up again, as a way of coping with some personal feelings related to mental illness, the loss of my father, and a divorce from an 8 year marriage.

I started blogging my poetry a few years ago, after being encouraged by a dear friend to share them publicly. I’ve found the process of blogging a valuable one, as I’ve come across many other people with similar struggles in life who have shared them both similarly and differently as I, yet always seeking some kind of honest, raw, hopeful meaning behind it all.

I enjoy so many of the blogs I’ve come across as a result, and seeing real people creating art through their own vision, entertaining others, and inspiring each other simultaneously.

I appreciate you visiting my blog, and I try to connect or at least follow all visitors. If you’d like to write me, feel free to submit a comment or message me, or just keep on being inspired. So until next time, have a good one for now, and save it for later.


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