A Crazy Kind Of Beautiful

There’s a crazy kind of beautiful
That she brings into the room
When I’m sitting there all by myself
And my heart begins to swoon

It captures my attention
While I’m gazing at the moon
And I feel my hair go up my spine
As the stars begin to loom

I can see it in her picture
From a thousand miles apart
A smile I simply can’t forget
Or a way to touch her heart

And while she loves
To stick her tongue out at me
Laughing as she cries
It’s the miracle of her life
That will always make me smile

And while the game we play is silly
Maybe more than we’ll admit
I think the only thing between us
Is that we both can’t seem to quit

And if you think I’m going crazy
Or maybe just a bit insane
If I died and gone to heaven
And there were only one to blame

I think it would be God and I
That only knew the name
Of the girl who came and stole my heart
When I couldn’t walk away

2 thoughts on “A Crazy Kind Of Beautiful

  1. Now that got me. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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