The ocean was sweet if you know what I mean

Dark hair to the neck with those rosy white cheeks

Add to her smile something simple to please

She knew how to ride in the passenger seat

Riding all night as she kicked up her feet

Moving her head like a gift to the beat

He took the wheel as she pressed his knee

Driving as though there were fire beneath

They parked under the moon at the edge of the sea

Kicking up sand as they strolled down the beach

Toes warm by the heat they got closer to each

Finger by finger they danced as they pleased

Two hands of love just seeking relief

Of something so hot that they couldn’t believe

A tattoo so bright like an ace up the sleeve

Desired the most was their naked release

As both felt the chill of that feeling beneath

Cold steel as they lay in the ocean’s cool breeze

Her head resting softly on his chest as they breathe

Under the moon that shined off the sea

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