Young And Old


Sometimes life
Can have a grip
On those around us
Young and old

Some will see their path begin
At start of day and winter’s end
Others with a whispered laugh
May choose to follow unknown’s path

Years will make us wonder why
That those we love can sometimes die
From hearts of those who make us empty
In the times we need them plenty

I feel that a child’s content
Is based on some things we control
But often ignored once they’re told
That is why I say to those
Who carry love’s heart in their souls

When time gives way to lesser knowns
And thoughts that follow now are bones
Remember those who have before
Entered light and crossed the door
For no longer are we afraid
To find true love in this new way

Don’t forget a childhood’s dream
Is often happy and not mean
Despite their effort or lack there-of
They start their path with winter’s love

It’s after this of which is told
With lovers’ passion
Young and old
Can many people live to tell
A life with heaven has no hell

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